A Princess in A Fairytale Castle

Whether you’re a history buff or just dream of being a princess, Europe is overflowing with spellbinding castles that will make you feel like you’re part of a fairytale. Castles are among Europe’s most distinctive landmarks. They bring to mind brave knights and princesses locked high in a tower. Despite their iconic status, castles were built only for about 600 years during Europe’s medieval period. In the modern era, European castles are both picturesque ruins that serve as tourist attractions and lived-in family homes.

“From wild Vikings to ancient castles and palaces inhabited by real princes and princesses, cobblestone narrow streets, old timbered houses and a certain sculpture of a little mermaid”


Channeling My Inner Jackie O


The “Fashion Icon Symbol” is awarded with such ease these days that it has lost much of it’s power. It is my honest opinion that few modern women deserve the distinction. Will Alexa Chung’s look be remembered decades from now? Will Kate Moss’s style stand the test of time? However cool and modern our current best-dressed crop may be, theirs is a transitory fashion charm; an of-the-moment allure that burns bright but is fast forgotten.

“Forever frozen in time as the look she was wearing on the day her husband, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, Jackie’s pink Chanel tweed bouclé suit has become a piece of fashion history.”


How to Find the Perfect Session Location


The number one question brides and grooms to-be ask themselves when planning their photo session is, “Where should we go?” Truthfully, the possibilities are endless! Beauty can be found anywhere, and finding a spot that will fit perfectly with who you are is important to make your session special and meaningful. Maybe it’s where you had your first date? Maybe it’s your favorite spot to go on a Saturday night? You want the session to be a reflection of who you are! This session is all about you. Think about your likes and interest and tie them into the shoot in unique ways.

“These unique windows of time are known as “the golden hour.” It’s where the sun looks it’s best, creating the warm, incredible light where everything looks dreamy and gorgeous.”


The Art Of Glam

One of the most difficult things to achieve in matters of fashion is that precious, perfectly polished look for which you have to spend tons of money and loads of time. All women want to look like a million bucks regardless of their budget.

“Being glamorous is all about appearing endlessly stylish, confident and classy. Be a student of both art and fashion history, and dress up more often… for work, for play or just for running errands”


Posher than the Upper East Side!

My cat is posher han the Upper East Side, and crueler than Cruella de Vil. She’s a crazy mix of all different types of personalities – all wrapped up together in one adorable, furry, little body. She’s the wildest, the sweetest, and the meanest. Yes, as many other cat owners probably would admit… “My cat’s a total asshole”!  

“Just purrrfect for any fancy occasion where we want to add a little extra bling to grey Manhattan days.”

Forget Barnes and Noble, Let’s Babel!

On Wednesday afternoon, I met up with one of my gays to do some shopping at Barnes & Noble, in Union Square. Adam just nailed a new assignment at work, and I was wearing a really cute outfit, so we decided to celebrate hump day with Raspberry Mojitos, before heading to the book store. One Mojito led to two and then three, and before we knew it, we decided to ditch shopping to go dancing. We headed to the East Village to scope out the dance scene and ended up at Babel. It may not be the hottest lounge in the city, but awesome music and a dance floor was exactly what we needed, and Babel fit the bill.

“You know those nights, the ones you don’t plan, they just happen…they always end up being the most fun.”