The Dress With An Inner Secret

What could be more desirable for summer than crisp clean white, dazzling in the sun or framed by a blue sky? When you wear white from head to toe, it results in an exceptionally stylish, high-impact look. White enhances any skin glow that you might have acquired during sunny days, and while white is high maintenance, it’s definitely my go-to choice for many Summer occasions.

I always invest in white pieces for Summer, and this season I teamed up with the London based brand Body Frock. Body Frock is known as the ‘dress with an inner secret’, and I wanted to find out what the hype was all about! Each dress has its own sculpting slip that is contoured to each individual dress design, and as a result they feel comfortable and easy to wear. The dresses are different from other control lingerie and clothing, which tends to be very restricting and uncomfortable, and I truly felt super comfy and beautiful in their designs! Like the ballerina I am, I tested the dresses out with some serious dance moves. I actually think I would be able to perform on stage in these designs- Body Frock is definitely Manhattan Girl-approved!

What girl doesn’t want to discover a dress that gives you the perfect silhouetted figure, yet is still super-comfy!

xoxo, Charlotte

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