Madison’s Parisian Nursery

Madison’s nursery is inspired by late 18th-century French antiques and The Parisian Style. Feminine pieces of furniture and chic French inspired decor, just perfect for our little European-American Baby Doll! As an European Mommy, I wanted to stick to my favorite clean, white, bright and timeless designs from back home for Madison’s room, and then adding some beautiful light pinks and blush colors to make it adorably girly! Many of the furniture pieces in Madison’s nursery will grow with her and also be appropriate for when she’s a toddler and young teenager!



Our Precious Baby Girl

Our perfect little dream of a baby girl arrived June 22, just minutes before midnight! We’re sooo madly in love and obsessed with her! We named our little miracle Madison Frøya!  Madison is our favorite girl name, our favorite street in Manhattan and where my husband was born (Madison, Wisconsin). Frøya is the goddess of love, beauty, fertility and war, and the most beautiful and fierce of all the Norse Gods. I felt it was so important to give her a Norse name since I’m Norwegian!



Our Dream Baby Shower

Last weekend we finally celebrated our little Baby Girl with a big bubbly Baby Shower. There are few things in life sweeter than the excuse to gather your nearest and dearest for a celebration, especially when it’s to honor a beautiful new little life!