Hi! I’m Charlotte – a Scandinavian Fashionista, Former Ballerina, Art Enthusiast and New York Lover. I was raised by music and art loving parents, and grew up between Oslo, Stockholm and Paris. I have a degree in Choreography and Fine Arts, and I write my own magazine columns for two of Europe’s largest fashion and interior magazines. I hold 25+ fitness certifications from Europe and U.S.A, and I reside in both NYC and LA.

My parents introduced me to fashion and dance at a very young age. By time I was 3 years old, I was heavily immersed into ballet. At age 7, I was dancing professionally on stage. My mother brought me to 31 Rue Cambon in Paris at the age of 10, and that’s when I discovered Coco Chanel and Haute Couture. After saving for 2 years, I bought my very first Chanel bag at the age of 12, and my love for fashion design started to bloom. I was pushed extremely hard to give up my entire life for ballet since I had a once in a lifetime talent. Although I grew up in the world of precision and technique, I always knew that I was destined for more free expression and was drawn to Hip Hop and Jazz dance. My biggest dance inspiration in life is Michael Jackson. I quickly began to separate myself away from ballet and found out I was equally as gifted in the Hip Hop industry.

When I was 26, I moved to New York on an Extraordinary Ability Visa to chase my passion for fashion and dance, and to work part-time modeling for NIKE. I always dreamt of a life where I could live out of a suitcase with that free feeling of anything could happen. New York has always been my idea of where I wanted to establish my business and start building a multi-cultural lifestyle since New York offers the best of both America and Europe in so many ways.

After living in New York City for about a year I found myself falling more and more in love with The Big Apple. My work required a lot of traveling, and I always found myself missing Manhattan when I was away from my new home, so I knew then that I had found my city. I love so many cities and places, and I don’t necessarily have to live in New York the rest of my life, but I was inspired to start an online magazine to inspire everyone about my vision of Manhattan. Manhattan Girl was born.

I have collaborated with a multitude of brands ranging from high end to street fashion, such as Luisa Via Roma, Moschino, DKNY, Herve Leger, L’Oreal, Diane James Home, SugarFina Beverly Hills, and NIKE to name a few. My love and knowledge for home design and haute couture coupled with my desire to create the unexpected outfits by adding color, prints, avant-garde trends and my passion for timelessly elegant statement vintage jewelry pieces from the 1980-1990’s (Christian Lacriox, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Gianni Versace etc) has shaped my interpretation of how fashion should be. I believe we should all remember to take chances, yet keep it classy.

I aim to inspire the everyday woman with elevated yet approachable style through mixing high and low pieces, providing high quality imagery and working with brands that inspire myself and my readers. We don’t need many pieces to look great, but what we buy should be special. A thoughtful purchase is worth the splurge because it will survive the trends of time.

Manhattan Girl was initially developed to document the life and times of my life. To showcase my extraordinary dance ability mixed with my unique fashion sense. It was not made to document just a girl living in Manhattan, but how to show the whole world how to dress, live, work out, eat, date and think like a Manhattan Girl. A Manhattan Girl is the most sharp and fashionable girl in the world.

xoxo, Charlotte

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