Christian Louboutin Sample Sale

Christian Louboutin has the ability to make a women feel beautiful and sexy, just by slipping on a pair of his red soled heels. The famed footwear designer, who just happens to be my all-time favorite shoe designer (which is evident by my “go to” choice of footwear), helped bring stilettos back into fashion (thank you, Christian!), and continues to turn out imaginative designs season after season. In 1993, he found his inspiration for his trademark red soles, when his assistant was painting her nails red. He thought red soles were flirtatious, and boy was he right! According to The New Yorker, he sells more than 500,000 pairs of his exquisite shoes each year. I don’t know what I’d do without my Louboutins.

Being an avid fan and a client, definitely has its advantages…like, getting an invitation to his sample sale! Shopaholics and shoeaholics dreams are coming true as the official Christian Louboutin  sample sale returns to NYC (Nov 5-Nov 8 at 306 W 38th St). Unfortunately, it’s by invitation only, but there are ways to get in. First, befriend a sales associate, member of the media, a celebrity, or someone who has an invitation. Second, try sweet talking the staffers at the door. And if all else fails, wait until the afternoon on the last day of the sale, when the frenzy’s died down, and then beg!  One more thing, don’t be fooled by the sign posted on the front stating that there is no sale.  Good luck!

xoxo Charlotte