There’s Something Sexy About a Woman in a Tuxedo

Known as one of the Paris jet-setters, frequently hitting the night club scene, smoking as many as 150 cigarettes a day, and for being a heavy drinker and cocaine user, Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) was one of the most influential couturiers of the 20th century.

YSL is one of my biggest inspirations into the world of fashion, just slightly behind Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld. This amazing French designer, who at the age of 21, found himself as the head designer of the House of Christian Dior, was the first living designer to be given a solo exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1983. He was the first French couturier to come out with a prêt-à-porter line, and feminized the male wardrobe, by bringing the tuxedo suit, also known as “Le Smoking” to women’s fashion. YSL created a new fashion template for the ultra-posh women that was confident, worldly, and sexually liberated…gritty street wear, like leather jackets and thigh high boots, are still worn to this day. Saint Lauren said it best, “Chanel freed women, I empowered them”. In 2008 he passed away in Paris, becoming the fashion icon that gave power to women, in men’s clothing. Karl Lagerfeld describes Saint Lauren as wild, dirty talking and really funny.

I invested in my gorgeous gold vintage YSL logo earrings, after I saw Samantha (Sex & the City 2) wearing them and nearly fainted at the cinema. I ran all over Paris in search of these earrings  and they are my absolute favorite accessory in the world. I will never find another piece of jewelry that can or will replace them. I never feel more sensual than when I put on one of YSL’s tuxes/suits (wearing sexy lingerie underneath…ooh la, la). Whether it’s a black leather jacket or his gorgeous red lipstick “Le Rouge”,  I adore the elegance and timeless pieces of Yves Saint Laurent designs.  I wish the funny man, with large glasses, and a somewhat depressive life, was still here among us. 

xoxo, Charlotte



3 Responses
  • Paige
    April 7, 2017

    Love YSL! Thank you for sharing ?

    • Manhattan Girl
      April 7, 2017

      Thank you sweetie! xo, Charlotte

  • Gretha L
    April 8, 2017

    Can’t believe that you own those YSL earrings! <3