Dancers’ Body Secrets Revealed

Dancer’s bodies are typically long, lean, and strong. Many people envy the physique but don’t actually realize that they can get a similar shape. While dance is one of the best ways to stay in shape, lots of professionals supplement dance classes with workouts and healthy eating habits. I’ve made a guide full of all my best tips and tricks to how you can get a dancer’s body – enjoy!

5 Ways to Make the Most of Fall

My favorite season, Fall, is FINALLY here. If you need a little motivation for the new season, check out my Top 5 Fall Must-Do list! These activities will allow you to take full advantage of the gorgeous weather, turning leaves, and tasty foods of autumn! I’ve also picked out all my favorite Work Out Gear for you, so you can get ready to kick off Fall!

Yoga in the City

Did you know that New York City alone has about 300 yoga studios? Compare that to about 175 Starbucks locations in New York City, and you can start to understand the importance of yoga to the city’s stressed-out residents.