Wild At Heart

It’s been a little time since I was at Fashion Week in New York City. I’m back in Los Angeles working hour after hour relentlessly on a very special project. Work has been so consuming! I’m torn between finding time to see my friends and furthering my dreams daily. Not sure these days whether I want to spend all my time hustling for money or taking a little time to search for love. Can I do both? Which one will make me happier? Can “searching for love” even work? I’ve somewhat decided its money I want more, but I can feel my body aching feverishly for love. I feel I just need to get away for a bit, go on an adventure, and let my hair loose. I want that feeling of something new and exciting to bring back that passion I once remember.

“We exchanged numbers and two days later he picked me up. Here he comes pulling up on his iron stallion Harley. He takes off his helmet and leather jacket again to greet me and I’m reminded exactly why I’m doing this.”


Flower Arrangements to Cheer up any Room

Fine Floral Couture maker Diane James Home, one of my newest brand ambassadors, has been one of my absolute favorite brands to go to for home decor for many years now. Since 1997 when Bergdorf Goodman launched their first collection, Diane James Home have been creating the most beautiful floral arrangements and orchid plants.

“I love to decorate with classic and simple white flowers that blends perfectly with my bedroom’s white and creamy palettes.”


Extraordinary Views Of The Park

This luxurious apartment ensures exceptional living conditions as well as breathtaking views of the Big Apple, Hudson River and Central Park. Spacious, tastefully decorated and aptly furnished, this place flaunts 2,761 square feet of space and is a part of the Fifteen Central Park West building sketched out by Robert A.M. Stern.