Clueless Vibes

About 25 years ago, Clueless landed in movie theaters. It may feel like only yesterday, given how often the film is referenced, particularly in relation to the fashion. Because Cher Horowitz, she of the yellow plaid skirt suits, the knee-high stockings, the virtual wardrobe and the best one-liners in the business, is the definition of ’90s wardrobe goals for a whole generation. The looks, created by costume designer Mona May, have inspired more than two generations to don plaid yellow skirt suits, numerous fashion collections paying homage to the film’s stylish protagonist, and trends that are still having a moment almost 25 years later.

Whether you’re more of a Cher or a Dionne, I’m channeling my favorite 90’s duo with my latest look from Love Shack Fancy! May we always be as sassy and stylish as these girls! xoxo, Charlotte