Old-Money Aesthetic

The expression “Old Money” is to me not a reference to where your money comes from or how old it actually is… It’s a mindset! “Old money” has less to do with the origins of one’s bank account, and more to do with what its contents are spent on. It’s about an appreciation for traditional values!

“Why be California rich, when you could be Connecticut rich?”



That Fall Feeling

Wondering what the big Fall trends will be this season? While it’s easy to get super excited about the new season and all the new trends, when it comes to investing in style to update your wardrobe, think about what trends will suit you and work with your existing wardrobe rather than plunging in head first!

“Fashion is a game of extremes. This season is all about head to toe sequin looks and maxi dresses with extreme lengths!”



Summer Looks

With muted hues and style androgyny gaining traction season after season, it’s been a while since super traditionally-feminine pieces had their moment on the industry’s radar. For Summer, however, frothy fabrics and pretty pink hues – from pastel to candy, rose and fuchsia – prove an interesting, playful point of difference in the fashion landscape. Add as many ruffles, tulle underlayers or pastel shades as you feel comfortable with.

“Perhaps a trend best-suited to those looking to have fun with fashion again after spending the best part of two years wearing tracksuits”