My Top 5 Favorite Beauty Products

I’ve always been a very girly girl and have been obsessed with beauty products and make-up for as long as I can remember. While I don’t believe in being heavy-handed and prefer a more natural look, I do believe that every woman can use a little bit of help through the magic of great skincare products and make-up.

The Best Damn Eyelashes in Town!

I’ve been using eyelash extensions for more than 10 years now. Back when I lived in Europe I went to an amazing eyelash extension specialist who not only gave me the perfect doll eyes, but she also tough me everything there is to know about eyelash extension. It’s extremely important to use a professional eye lash specialist who doesn’t damage your own lashes. Maximum visible long and Twiggy-like doll lashes are hotter than ever, and lash extension is definitely here to stay. Unfortunately, so is also the thousands of so-called “lash extension salons and specialist” popping up around the world. They’re all jumping on the trend, many with CERO knowledge or lash-education.