Smoother skin with Olay 

One of the best beauty secrets my mum ever told me was that it’s never too early to start focusing on your skin. As I’m starting to notice little lines here and there, I couldn’t agree more! One of my favorite parts of what I do is that I get to try out some of the newest beauty products before they hit the stores! I’ve discovered so many amazing products I would’ve never known about otherwise, which are now some of my product staples.

“The initial smell was delightful like fresh flowers! It’s very important to me for anything I’m putting on my face or body to have a pleasant aroma”



The Perfect Nude Nail Polish Set

The perfect nude nail is at your fingertips… in six all new elegant shades. This gorgeous set of 6 fashion shades flatter any skin tone, creating a graceful, polished look. From work to weekend, looking natural has never been so glam. Set contains all new shades: Flesh For Fantasy, Totally Nude, Born This Way, Bare It All, Natural Woman, Skin Deep.


Men: NYC vs. LA

Yesterday, while waiting for my friend Jason, at Coupa Café in Beverly Hills, a well-dressed 60+ year old man started hitting on me. I couldn’t believe the bull-shit that rambled out of his mouth, as he attempted to get my number.

“At least the men in NYC have the courtesy to hit on you with class and sophistication. Asking about a book you’re reading or what you do for work. They don’t just come out and say, I’m rich”