Men: NYC vs. LA

Yesterday, while waiting for my friend Jason, at Coupa Café in Beverly Hills, a well-dressed 60+ year old man started hitting on me. I couldn’t believe the bull-shit that rambled out of his mouth, as he attempted to get my number, “Hi, I’m blah, you’re so beautiful, I live in a gorgeous house in Malibu, I just bought a new car, blah, blah, blah, “ Really, that’s his line!?! Hi – I have money, so you should date me. Does this really work on women in LA? Before he could proceed any further, I stopped him…Grandpa, I’m reading a book. Fuck off.

At least the men in NYC have the courtesy to hit on you with class and sophistication. Asking about a book you’re reading or what you do for work. They don’t just come out and say, I’m rich. Don’t get me wrong, they do it, but it’s much subtler than that…like paying for you and your friends cocktails, or mentioning they’re the VP at Morgan Stanley, or maybe shelling out for that designer bag you’re checking out. I would much rather get a YSL clutch, than a statement of your wealth.

Los Angles is stereotyped to be fake and superficial, and I have definitely seen my share of “Barbie” doll types walking around. Maybe the women in LA, just want to be trophy wives? In NYC, it’s completely opposite…it’s the land of career driven. Sure, there are women who are just looking for a man to take care of them, but you won’t last long in NY if you don’t have smarts. A man will get pretty damned bored if you have nothing to contribute but your looks. Don’t get me wrong, men in NYC are just as superficial, but in the end, they want the total package, looks and brains. The problem I see in NYC, and you find this a lot, is that men just love living a bachelors life, taking home a different girl every night. And if a man is in a relationship, he’s thinking, there are 4 women to every man, so maybe the woman around the corner is better than the one I have now.

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. My perfect man is someone who will put me first in his life, a bestfriend and a lover. Newyorker or made in LA, it doesn’t really matter, you find great men in both cities, but be prepared to work hard finding them.  

xoxo Charlotte



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