Forget Barnes and Noble, Let’s Babel!

On Wednesday afternoon, I met up with one of my gays to do some shopping at Barnes & Noble, in Union Square. Adam just nailed a new assignment at work, and I was wearing a really cute outfit, so we decided to celebrate hump day with Raspberry Mojitos, before heading to the book store. One Mojito led to two and then three, and before we knew it, we decided to ditch shopping to go dancing. We headed to the East Village to scope out the dance scene and ended up at Babel. It may not be the hottest lounge in the city, but awesome music and a dance floor was exactly what we needed, and Babel fit the bill.

“You know those nights, the ones you don’t plan, they just happen…they always end up being the most fun.”


Rainy Days in New York are My Favorite

It’s Friday, the work day is concluding and the weekend is here, the business men loosen their ties and unbutton their shirts as they head to the subway and start to unwind from their week.

“I love observing the men who achieve that “Gordon Gekko” look, in their designer tailored suits and suspenders. And snickering at those guys who try so hard, but just can’t pull it off. “


Best Running Routes in New York City

Get off the treadmill and out of the gym, New Yorkers! With spacious parks, stunning waterfronts and beautiful beaches, the city has plenty of scenic running routes to explore. Whether you’re stretching those limbs after a particularly gruesome winter or want to take in beautiful fall foliage while getting fit, these four running routes are so pretty you won’t be paying attention to those burning muscles.

This Is Where I Eat in Manhattan!

New York City knows food! Besides offering six 3-stared Michelin restaurants, the Big Apple is full of delicious bakeries, upscale deli’s and amazing, authentic Italian pizzerias!

Up Here, Nothing Else Matters!

I remember the day I left Europe and moved to Manhattan like it was yesterday. I arrived at JFK with my whole life squeezed into eight suitcases. I get out of the taxi and it’s probably the only city which in reality looks better than on the postcards. I moved straight into a tiny studio apartment on the 40th floor in a beautiful, new skyscraper in Hell’s Kitchen, paying a little more than $3,500 a month in rent. My bed was literally halfway in my kitchen space, and I had to store half my shoe collection in the kitchen cabinets. But I had the most amazing view anyone could ever dream of. Going to sleep with The Empire State Building as the last thing you see before you close your eyes at night… … I was in heaven! All of a sudden, sleeping next to the refrigerator in the kitchen didn’t seem so bad.