Your Ultimate Decor and Gift Guide for the Festive Season


It’s the most wonderful time a year, and I’m excited to present all my favorite home decor and gift picks for 2019! No matter your personal taste and style, there is something for everyone in my gift and decor guide!
After moving to America I definitely couldn’t help but notice how New Yorkers go way over the top with their decorations. The streets of Manhattan turn into a breathtaking Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas movie set this time a year, and I just love how tasteful and extravagant the decor is everywhere!

“It literally looks like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade exploded in front of a lot of American homes! Did you really have to purchase the whole Walmart and Michael’s decoration aisle for your entrance?”


The Best After-Christmas Sales!

It’s official. Christmas is almost coming to an end, and while the die-hard holiday fans have already started the countdown time for next year, the rest of us are breathing a sigh of relief and getting back into our normal routines. Whether you’re returning some near-miss gifts, getting ready to have a more productive 2019, or just want to buy something for yourself, here are all the best sales happening online right now!

“The best part of the week between Christmas and New Year’s is that loads of retailers run year-end sales to clear out their inventories and get ready for 2019”


Give a Gift of Sparkle from eBay this Season 

My favorite gift to give (and receive) is by far, jewelry! From my little niece, my fashionista-bestie, or to my elegant grandma, you can never go wrong with gifting a gorgeous necklace or a pair of sparkly earrings! Jewelry is such a personal and thoughtful gift, and I’d like to share how I scored some great jewelry deals on eBay this season!

“Did you know that 80% of all merchandise sold on eBay is new?”