Pre-Fall’21 Vibes

After a year of wearing and talking about practical, cozy things, I couldn’t be more ready to feast on anything that doesn’t involve a pair of sweats. With the Fall collections still trickling in, my mind has already shifted to thinking about the trends and outfits that will be big in the months ahead. “Now and forever” pieces are key focuses for Fall’21. Rather than a trend, it’s an approach to shopping rooted in timeless, seasonless pieces”



Shop the Biggest Trends of Fall

Sure, we’re hanging on to Summer for as long as we can — but if you’re like me, you just can’t wait to see what’s next! Fall/Winter has a way of sneaking up, and I got your Fall forecast right here! Get ready for animal prints, tiny handbags (if your phone can fit, your bag is too big!!!), bow blouses paired with pleated skirts, leather fanny packs (yeah – they’re not going anywhere), fuzzy coats, dark floral prints, and bright neon colored dresses, suits and two-pieces (particularly in yellow or pink).

“Neon for Fall? Actually groundbreaking. Blinding hues have been one of Summer’s brightest trends and it seems like they’re carrying over to Fall”