Museum with a View

New York City’s Museum Mile stretches along 5th Avenue on the UES, and, as the name implies, is full of Museums and other fine art institutions. The crown jewel of Museums, The Metropolitan Museum of Art (located between 82nd & 86th), is the largest museum in the US. It holds every category of art, in any imaginable medium, from all over the world, since the beginning of time, allowing you to go on a timeless journey and live history, through art.


Empire State of Mind

Travelling is fun, packing is not! My dancing takes me to LA, a lot…which is great, because there are so many opportunities for hip-hop dancers out there. I sometimes wish Manhattan held as many options for hip-hop dancers, as it does for modern or Broadway genres, but no such luck. Los Angeles is where I have to be for work…but, and this is a big but, Manhattan is where my heart is- so if travelling back and forth is what I have to do, I’ll continue doing it, forever if need be.


Bringing Manhattan to Miami

When I first watched Miami Vice, besides having a huge crush on Sonny Crockett and his pastel suits, Ray-Ban wayfarers and midnight black Ferrari Daytona Spyder, I became fascinated with the Magic City. Yes, Miami was built on laundered drug money, but, you gotto admit that the image of a glamorous tropical paradise with palm fringed beaches, colorful Art Deco buildings, and fashion that ranges from bright colors and sundresses to half-naked people, is alluring.

“As I drove across the Venetian Causeway, blasting In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins, I arrived in SoBe sporting a new hairdo”